A Fresh Start Part 2....Your Detours Are NOT Setbacks!

All I can say is 5 more days until my wedding day!  I have been the busy bee and my goodness, I am tired.  I want to thank all of you for your prayers and well wishes.  I was indeed honored and grateful that our very first gift was an engraved couples devotional bible.  What a thoughtful gift and a way to start your marriage.  Thank you Jackie!
I pray that this month of April has been a FRESH START for you and your family thus far.  As I prayed on last Wednesday, on the Lady C prayer call, there shall be NO SPOIL in your vineyard.  The Lord is able to make all things new concerning you.  You don't have to feast on or over any ones left over blessings.  What God has for you is for you!
Ladies, I am not sure why this is so heavy in my spirit but please hear me. "You don't have to covet what anyone else has!  You don't have to sit in the corner with your mouth poked out pouting about your situation. Just because you have experienced a detour doesn't mean it's a se…

A Fresh Start Part 1...Are You Ready to Be Destined for Greatness?

What a great Easter weekend!  I don't know about you, but I truly enjoy this time of year!  I pray that as you celebrated the life, death and resurrection of Christ Jesus, that you also gave thanks unto the Lord for crossing you over into a new month and a new season.  Ladies, please understand you have just entered a NEW Season of your life!
Whatever did not happen in March may the Lord open that door for you in April.  Whatever held you back last season, may the Lord propel you in this new season. Whatever caused you to weep in March, may exceeding joy be your fatten portion in April.  Whatever situation that was harassing you in March, may it give way in April by God's GREAT GRACE!
Ladies, we are kicking off our new April Series.  The series in entitled, "Fresh Start. Welcome to the New You!"  We will be discussing the following topics in our next four weeks together.  1. Expect the Unexpected 2. Detours are not setbacks 3. Blissful Relationships and 4. Are you rea…

Check Yourself Part 4...Overcoming Hurt

What can I say, by God's great grace we are in the last week of March.  If you are reading this blog, you have much to be grateful for.  You are getting ready to cross over into a new month!  I pray that this week you will have a passion to pray.  Don't panic but pray.  You will see very soon that all things are working together for your good!  Pray that your faith will not fail you in Jesus Name!
We are embarking on our final "Check Yourself" series for March.  We have talked about overcoming laziness, frustration, guilt and this week out topic is overcoming hurt.  Right now there are many of you who are hurting.  Hurting over the loss of someone or something.  Hurting over something that someone may have said or done.  Hurting over the obstacles that may have come your way. 
Ladies, can I be honest with you.  It is not easy to forgive at times when you are hurting.  Have you ever been hurt to the point that you are angry, even with God?  I know we as Christians eas…

Check Yourself Part 3....Overcoming Guilt

I pray that this encouraging message finds you all well. The month of March is moving along swiftly, and I pray that the Lord has given you great testimony! March is a very pivotal month for all of us. This is not the time to waiver, doubt or be shaken. This is the time to stand firm, proclaim and profess. Be fully persuaded in the God in whom you serve. If you are fickle in your belief, your faith will fail you. I pray that your faith will not fail you in Jesus Name!
This month we have started our new March series...Check Yourself. Week one we talked about overcoming laziness.  Week two we talked about overcoming frustration. This week we are discussing overcoming guilt. To be very honest some people never experience guilt. I know that might sound strange, but there are people who know and are fully aware that they have done something or someone wrong and never feel guilty about it. Why is that?
Let's first look at the definition of guilt. Guilt is defined as a feeling of respo…

Check Yourself Part 2...Overcoming Frustration

I don't know about you, but this series has set me a blaze. If you missed last week, please go back and read the blog and listen to the Lady C Podcast Show. Last week we talked about overcoming laziness and this week we are discussing overcoming frustration. Wherever you are right now in your life, I decree that progression will be your portion! Let this week be your week of progress. Don't allow your destiny to turn into a pillar of salt because you keep looking back!

Some of you I am sure are in a frustrated place. There are times when I feel frustrated too. It is an emotion that can cause you to give up give in or give out if you let it. The pressure of wanting and desiring change, but feeling stuck at the same time can cause frustration. Our own choices can cause frustration and even walking by FAITH can cause frustration.  The definition of frustration is the feeling of being upset or annoyed, especially because of inability to change or achieve something.
So ladies, can I…

Check Yourself Part 1...Overcoming Laziness

Welcome to a new Month! The month of March is here, and I am so excited! I am not just excited about my upcoming wedding, but I am also leaping for joy in what God is doing in your life. Never take for granted when the Lord crosses you over to see a new month. Don't look at it as just another day. This new month is where God will turn your weeping into joy. This new month is where God will take your rubbish and turn them into rubies. March is your month where it will be a turning point in your life! God is ready to give you testimony not just on favor, but uncommon favor. Give God praise that you have crossed over to your month of divine turnaround.
This brings me to our new series for the month of March. Check Yourself! We will be discussing how to overcome frustration, laziness, worry, and guilt! I hope that you will join mean each week via blog, the Lady C podcast and the prayer line as we overcome some real life issues in our lives. Turnaround is not going to come unless you s…

Healing Chronicles Part 4- Pressing Forward

Welcome to Part 4 of the Healing Chronicles-Pressing Forward. We have been on this journey of healing for the month of February. I can't believe that we are at our final week in this grief series.  Many of you know I started the Healing Chronicles as I was and still am grieving the loss of my baby brother, Evan J. Pittman.  I want to personally thank you all for your support and prayers.  I also want to thank those of you who have participated in the book drive in honor of Evan.  It is not too late.  The book drive will go until April.  Remember 35% of all proceeds will go the Evan J. Pittman Academic Excellence Award that has already been established by the Baltimore City Graduate Chapter of Iota Phi Theta.
This week we are discussing, Pressing Forward.  As we have said over and over again, grief is borderline torment.  The stages that you go through and sometimes repeat are heart breaking.  My family and I just had an outing this past weekend.  It was good to see my dad and stepm…