Seed Time And Harvest!

Hello Ladies,
I pray all of you are enjoying your time of HARVEST! If you didn't know, I came to announce to you, "This is your season of reaping."  This morning the Lord shared a powerful word with me.  He spoke that in this season SOME of the seeds that I have planted in my field of purpose and destiny have come to harvest.  He went on to say that I should take time to celebrate, praise and be jolly in this season; because how I handle the SOME will be an indicator of how I will handle the MORE!

Ladies, seed time and harvest is a powerful principle that we must embrace.  I thought it was very life changing  that the Lord was clear in describing SOME of the harvest is here but not ALL.  You know what ladies, God is so wise because He knows how much we can handle and bare.  As much as I think I might be ready for a FULL harvest, I am not.  However, if I am grateful and a good steward over what God has done,  I never will have to question his willingness and ability to d…

This Is A Warning!

Happy Thursday Ladies!
Are you still in excitement for what God is doing in your life this month? Are you still just grateful that He is God and ALL that He has promised concerning you shall come to past? I was reading Philippians 1 this morning, in my time with the Lord,  and I recall when Paul said he is not concerned about the motives of others.  He knew that while he was in prison some were sincere in their motives in continuing to preach the word of God from their hearts, and others were not sincere with hopes to gaining the spotlight.   But Paul said, it doesn't matter to me if their motives are good, bad  or indifferent if they are preaching Christ, I will keep celebrating because I know how this will end. He went on to say that suffering for Christ is as much a gift as trusting Christ!

Ladies, what am I saying to you?  There are people in your life whose motives are good concerning you and there are others in your life that the moment they feel you have digressed is the e…

Where is the Love?

Hello Ladies!
I just took a road trip recently with my significant other and we had the chance to listen to a couple audio clips of Dr. Claud Anderson.  Surprisingly, I had not heard of him prior too (shame on me) but I really enjoyed and agreed with his teaching.  Michael and I began to have open discussion about the matters of the black community and we as a race.  I told him, I just don't understand why we don't support one another?  Let me give you two very real examples that I myself has previously experienced.

Please note, I am not intending to offend anyone, but what I am sharing are facts. 

Example one: Recently, I attended a meeting in a black community.  It was Edmonson Village to be exact.  After the meeting I was starved. Michael and I went over to the shopping center to get something to eat.  We saw Kimmy's Soul Food and I said to myself "okay, this should be good."  When we walked in there was an Asian women behind the counter.  Really, in our comm…

Are You Ready For the Lord to Release His Power Over You Life?

Ladies, I pray this message finds all of you well. My desire is that God would release His power in and over your life! The power of God that moves mountains. The power of God that performs creative miracles. The power of God that unclogs any blockage hindering your progress.  I pray that the Lord releases his power that you will not grow weary while you wait. Power to read your Bible; to fast and pray. Energy is good to have but when our energy runs low we run to caffeine and sweets. But this power I speak of is the power of God that will allow you to do an accomplish things that vitamin B12, coffee  or energy drinks can not do! You have to finish this month strong. Anything less is not an option. I pray God makes it his business and his priority to release his power over your family, your marriage, your womb, your mind, your health, and your gifts.  The gift that God has given you, may the Lord release his power that you may walk in that gift full of Holy Spirit and supernatural streng…

See Beyond The Now!

Hello Ladies!
Well, August has come to an end. It was my prayer that the Lord would increase your laughter, and that sadness would not be your portion. Has the Lord made you glad this previous month? Has he given you unspeakable joy? Has he made you jolly? Has he given you a new dance? Jesus is Lord! It's important that you reflect this day because the joy of the Lord is our strength. 
We are now beginning a new month! I don't know about you but I thank God for His Great Grace that will cross us over. In this month of September, I want you to "See Beyond the Now. " What does your "Now" look like? Does it look mundane, melancholy or do you just feel like something is missing? 
I challenge you to see beyond the Now! See beyond your situation at work. The crisis in your finances. The uncertainty about your business or ministry. The limited space in your home. The Lord will enlarge you. The Lord will make a way. The Lord will supply your needs. The Lord will c…

The Power of Restoration

Hello Ladies
I want to talk about the POWER of Restoration.  I was looking at the You Tube clip of Bishop TD Jakes praying and restoring one of his son's in the ministry, Pastor Chris Hill. Recently, his wife has spoken about his infidelity.  Some of you my have seen or heard about the situation.  I am not writing today to talk to you about that.  I am writing you to ask that you search your heart.  Are you someone that shows mercy and empathy when your brother or sister falls? Do you pray for them? Are you being Christ like in your approach to love those who mess up, sin, fall from grace?
Thank GOD someone loved me enough.  I am telling you ladies if it were not for God's grace I don't know where I would be.  Just because my mess may not have been exposed doesn't mean I am clean either!  But the word tells us that if we confess our sins He is faithful and just to forgive us of our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness.  (1 John 1:9) The church could have turne…

Where is Lady C in a hurry to???

Recently, I did a teaching at my church on work life balance.  I spoke on spiritual principles to walk in this challenging area in many of our lives.  This teaching was so impactful that I will do a webinar soon to share with you what the Lord shared with me. 
I do want to highlight one of the points I spoke about which was who can you hurry to?  Ladies, lets think about this for a moment.  When something is going on in our personal lives or even if we get the biggest gossip about someone else's life, we are quick to pick up the phone and talk to somebody.  Having someone to talk to isn't the issue but not many of us have someone who we can hurry to.  Ladies, there is  difference.
I spoke about the story of Mary and Elizabeth in the bible.  After Mary had received the word of promise the bible says she hurried to see Elizabeth.  You can't talk to everyone about your word of promise, but do you have someone you can hurry to?  What if you are carrying a promise from the Lor…